Sushiant is an international corporation focused on energy, food, transportation and home appliances. With various branches around the world, the company plays an effective role in supplying energy-related equipment. Sushiant is one of the leaders in the mentioned industries.

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With its headquarters located in Hanover, Germany, Soushiant Group commenced operating in three areas of food, energy, and home appliances in 2017. To work with eco-friendly considerations and address customer satisfaction are two core objectives of the group.

Clean energy

Wind and solar energy are the most important sources of renewable energy. In addition, biomass and hydroelectricity make a valuable contribution to sustainable energy supply.
Solar energy: In the electricity sector, photovoltaic systems convert energy from solar radiation directly into electricity. Today, new solar systems are one of the cheapest renewable energy technologies. At the end of 2019, more than 1.6 million 47.5 GW photovoltaic systems provided the second largest share of power generation systems in renewable energy, after onshore wind energy with an installed capacity of more than 52 GW.
In the heating sector, solar collectors use solar energy to generate heat for heating drinking water or industrial processes.
Wind energy currently plays a major role in the development of renewable energy.
Wind farms are just as good for the environment as they are for the local economy. Wind turbines can be installed in a variety of locations for commercial or home use. Wind turbines' equipment can be installed in homes, farms, offshore platforms and on top of high hills. Offshore turbines can have fixed or floating bases and benefit from the constant flow of ocean winds. In fact, this form of renewable energy is highly scalable and will be a small business for personal use in the near future.


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